How to scan disc labels?

Hi everyone, i want to make labels for my back up cd’s, and i tried scanning the label of the original discs but i get some glare from the shiny areas. how can i create labels that look exactly like the original???

are you going to use the sticky on labels ?

sticky? if you mean the paper label stickers than yes im using these for now.

some folk don’t like them as the can put the balance of the disc off and it’ll not spin right or the glue can deteriorate the die’s, thats mostly on dvd’s, as you’ve got cd’s i’m not to sure if it’s the same, hopefully somebody else will come in and help out.

have a read of this first please

you can also get the cd label form here

thanks for helping me

Shiny silver labels are very difficult to scan. You can try putting them behind a less reflective or grained plastic, but often it’s better to make a custom label for these.

i gave you a wrong link in my above post.

you can get cd labels here