How to save write speed as default speed

I use nero burning rom to burn video files and my dvds are 16x but i like to burn at 12 but it never saves the speed when i go to use it next time it goes back to 16x and sometimes i forget to change it. Is there anyway to make it stay at 12x?


as far as I know there is no default setting for burning speed in Nero Burning ROM rather than program evaluate your disc speed capability and set the max speed for that disc to be burnt.

If you use ImgBurn instead it’ll keep the speed you’ve selected. This app is my preference over Nero anyway.

Does imgburn burn .avis? Because thats what i mostly burn with nero i use ImgBurn for .iso and .imgs.

Burn as in convert to DVD format do you mean? The answer there is no, but if you mean burn avi’s to a data disc to play on a divx player then yes.