How to save short video clips to DVD "For Dummies"

I want to save about 60 short video clips to a DVD. Some have “MP4” extentions but most have “FLV” extentions. Right now my goal is to just backup the files.

Should I divide the clips into a few folders? i.e. all the mp4 files in a folder, and split the mostly FLV files into other folders?

I am somewhat familiar with ImgBurn. Can I use that to backup my files?

I haven’t tried to save this type of files as .flv & .mp4.I think ImgBurn should do it.
I will have to give it a try.
I did make a playable DVD with DVDFlick using .flv files.I think it will also do .mp4 but I haven’t tested it with those.
The DVD plays fine in my standalone DVD players,on the computer & in my vehicle DVD player.The files are DVD complient .ifo ,.bup & .vob files.
This is important if you use DVDFlick : The maximum is 48 files on their site it says 50 but I could never get it to complete with more than 48.
Of course this also depends on the size of the files but the amount you have will probably be OK since .flv’s are usually small.
I hope this helps.

If you are just saving as data, then you can organize it as you wish and burn with ImgBurn straight to the disk. No need to convert them to dvd-video if you are just backing up the files.

Thanks for your responses. Re:Kerry56…the backup of these files seems straightforward. But later, I will want to make a “playable” DVD using these files. Can I do that with ImgBurn? And, would I need to convert the format from flv or mp4 to something else? And finally, would I need to create a menu on ImgBurn? Can a “Dummy” do these things?

ImgBurn won’t create a menu the files will look just like they do on a harddrive.
You can adjust that with Windows veiw.
Use Build mode to create the DVD disc you want.You can put files without folders,files in folders or a combination of these in the Build list.This is a data disc & only playable with your computer.
To create a playable DVD disc use DVDFlick as I posted above.
I still need to test with the .mp4’s but I know it works with .flv .
DVDFlick will also create a menu.
DVDFlick can be set to burn to a DVD disc but it uses ImgBurn to do it.
I prefer to have DVDFlick write to the harddrive then burn with ImgBurn so I have more control of ImgBurn.

DVDFlick or AVStoDVD will work to convert the files to a dvd-video. You can make menus in either one if you like. And both can use ImgBurn to do the actual burn to the disk.

Don’t expect great results converting flv files to dvd-video. Flv is usually highly compressed so as a general rule, you won’t be starting with high quality input.