How to save pics and movies to DVD?

Hi everyone.
I’m definately a Newbie here and hoping someone can shead some light on DVD burning. I want to store some pics and movies on DVD.

I bought an LG external burner and have Cyberlink Multimedia Launcher which includes Nero Express. I managed to burn .NRG file to desktop using Nero but now I can’t burn my files to DVD. Nero keeps asking me where I want to burn my .NRG to. What the?

Am I missing a vital step here? Do I need other software for something so simple? Can I burn images and movies together in the one step?

If I were to use a smile it’d be :sad: .

Please help… thank you!

Start Nero Express. Click on Disc Image or Saved Project and choose the nrg file you created. You will burn that to disc.

Thanks Dialysis1. That makes sense - I reach that step and Nero prompts the SAVE IMAGE FILE window. If I select the DVD drive it doesn’t acknowledge the drive and reports an error. It won’t proceed to burning.

It seems you have already created an image file ***.nrg
You need to start Nero and select burner you want to use. Then burn Image file to disk.

Use the same process as was explained in another thread of this forum.

If you have, Nero 6 or seven open the Nero Burning ROM module click on new Compilation. From right side of that window open any of your Music DVD (like opening a Directory) select the music file from that DVD, drag it to the left hand side, and drop it there. Do the same for as many as file and DVD you want after completion of selection click on burn and you then created selected music DVD of your choice.

In Properties, I checked the “Enable CD recording on this drive” and works :stuck_out_tongue: