How to save movie using DVD Encrypter to burn later?

Does anyone know how to save a movie in DVD Encrypter so it can be burned
in the future? I saved 2 movies using DVD Encrypter. Two days later, I tried to open the files using DVD Shrink. No matter what I tried, I just kept getting an error message that said ‘unable to find specified files’.



Mode->ISO Read-> Backup the DVD as an .ISO image to your Hard Drive.

I have a ton of old rips from Decrypter that were file mode so that is not the problem. I always check my files with DVDShrink right after they are done so I am sure that all went well. Offhand, I couldn’t say whay your files went bad. Some protection will rip but will not read later, possibly that is the case. I would guess a file is missing though.

Thank you, both.


be sure you are looking for the file on the HD not on the DVD