How to save a dvd to your Hard Drive



Hi, you might have seen my previous post, about how i cant play dvds, but i was wandering if there wasa way to get all the files for a dvd to either be converted to WMV or just get a player that will play all the files together as a video file, this would mean that I could just transfer the files from my dvd somehow onto my HD to I could still watch my dvds?


You can use AnyDVD to copy/paste the entire contents of a DVD-Video (AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS subdirectories) to a folder on your harddisk. DVD Playback software such as PowerDVD have no problems with playing such files.

To convert DVD Video’s i would also suggest loading up AnyDVD and then use additional tools such as DVD2SVCD or Guardian Knot.


cheers i will post later on how i got on :wink:


it just keeps coming up as…
getmapping failed!


did you try going into the file and clicking on one of the video files? I have windvd and it playes them easily that way. (Doesn’t matter which video file you click on, it starts from the begining) I use dvd decrypter to save the files on my hd and it works just fine


ok cheers
i think its just a dodgy dvd-rw :frowning: