How to safely flash LDW-411S?

Somehow I deleted my original post but this was about my question:

How can I safely flash my LDW-411S to FS07.
In some threads I read that when replacing the eprom the specially adjusted laser parameters for the drive get lost.

Should I use MTKFLASH or something else ?

(I have found ltnflash.exe back on my disk and have succesfully flashed to FS07)

If you can’t get the LiteOn flasher (.exe), and can’t wait for LiteOn to fix the site, PM me with an email and I’ll email the LiteOn flasher to you.
You don’t lose anything by using the .bin file with one of the other flashing tools. The EEPROM and firmware are 2 separate things, NOT to be confused.

Thank’s rdgrimes.

I just found the liteon flasher back.
(hadn’t flashed for some while…)