How to safely clean a DVD lens?



Well, you see ‘DVD lens cleaning kits’ everywhere - y’know the disc with the fluid, and I’m wondering how safe they are?

Of course I can use meths and a cotton bud by taking the lid off, but that is not quick and easy, and I’m not TOO sure if it is safe to use a cotton bud (fibres scratching lens?). I also don’t fancy doing that to my PC DVD drives or my Xbox!

So, I’m wondering if there any safe kits our there, or are they all OK?


Memorex makes a disc cleaner that uses brushes. Assuming that most hardware should just have dust and shouldn’t really need solvents, this should be adequate. I got mine from and so far it has been fine.


I have used meths in the past as it is anti static, so repels dust a little longer than water alone.

I am to assume that the Memorex (being a cheapy brand) is the same as all the other ones you see out there, and that they’re all as good as one another, i.e. there’s nothing particularly special about lens cleaners?


…so therefore is it right to guess that any old lens cleaner will do the job?


Meths will damage ur lens,in the tv/video service field we use isoproponol alcohol on a cotton bud,one wipe with the slightly damp end then a quick wipe with the dry end.


That is how I have always cleaned mine, and it has always worked well. :iagree:


That is how I have always cleaned mine, and it has always worked well. :iagree:[/QUOTE]

Right, no meths then. :doh: Isoproponol it is the stuff with the disc-cleaners anyway isn’t it? Does anyone see a problem with them?


I also use a disc cleaner 2 brushes.
use Isoproponal on CD DVD discs.
What about a squirt of air from a Can?