How to run an XP-ONLY App under Windows 2000?



I just got a copy of Stienburg’s Cubase SX3 - I am currently running Windows 2000 Professional, and want to know is there a way to fool the installer and the program into allowing me to install and run the damn thing under Windows 2000 Pro since I don’t want to re-install or update anything.


My son-in-law runs this quite happily on Win2000 Pro.

What error is the installer giving you?


it should install … :S maybe u got errors on CD from which u instaling ?


This cubaseSX3 says to me “Wrong OS” in the titlebar, message being something about NEEDING WINDOWS XP :(!

(its a repackaged installer from H2O (cracked))


well thats why get the real thing not a cracked one! anything that runs on xp “should” have no problems running on win2k seeing as though win2k is what xp is built on.

p.s. I would edit that last word of yours out otherwise a mod will close this thread on you.


Probobly this is the problem (on 85%) that its not orginal :S If u want to use it … change os … if u dont want … instal win XP on another partition (only to use cubaseSX3)