How to run 98 programs on XP?

I´ve got some interactive language teaching programs on CD that I wanna run on new machines set up with XP. Used them for several years on PCs with Windows 98 without problems.
But…on the new machines with XP, they don´t run…can´t install…are not recognized!
Any ideas? :confused:

Right-click and select Properties. Go into the Compatibility tab, and then adjust the settings for your program.

you’ve got to use the XP’s compatibility option on the setup exe

[B]EDIT[/B], too slow :bigsmile:

The blond in my office replied “I don´t know if I understand that but I´ll try” (really…not kidding, but I´ve sent her to the lair of the beast to take a look.)
brb (she…I´m here working on another problem)

Two problems (not counting the blond!)

  1. The disc is identified but doesn´t react to a double click.
  2. Right clicking the disc opens the menu…can find properties but no "compatibility tab"
    Actually the machine is in German…any idea what the tab is called in German?

Hi Dean,

  1. It’s the executable (setup.exe or whatever) you have to right-click.
  2. That would be Kompatibilität (I’m guessing).

You mean the stuff in the disc itself…but the problem is we can´t actually open the disc. The drive can see it however…even gives us a pretty little symbol and the name of the program…but no reaction to a double-click (left)

Yes, that’s right. Can’t you see the contents of the disc in Explorer?

Ok…gettin closer.
Right clicked the disc, explorer…see the disc contents.
There´s an icon called Autorun…right-clicked…clicked properties, found compatibility (yup: Kompatibilität!) and clicked. Found the drop-down list of OSs that can be used…but XP is not on the list! It offers 95,98, NT and 2000…
I guess this means there´s no way…ja?

Go for 98! Instead of Autorun, I’d look for Setup.exe or Install.exe, change the Kompatibilität and then double-click to run it. (You can’t change the Autorun properties on the CD and this only starts the setup after inserting the disc.)

Hope it works - off to diner here. :slight_smile:

There is no setup or install exe :frowning:

Open Autorun with Notepad (Editor auf Deutsch) and look at what setup file it points to. It should show another file that’s on the CD. That’ll be the one you need to set compatibility to Windows 98 for. You could also copy the contents of the CD to a folder on the hard disk and try to run it from there.

The compatibilty tab setting is what you want XP to pretend to be - actually, as I unserstand it, not o0nly does it change what version of OS that is shown to the program, but also applies a “typical” package of compatibility measures.
Have a wander around here.

One other thing, if you can persuade the setup to run, the installed app may need compatibility settings as well.

If it can run in Win3.1, maybe it could be run in a DOSBOX / 3.1 setup, if you can muster a set of install media

Good grief…can you imagine me asking the blonde to deal with that? :rolleyes:
Ok…thanks guys…worth a try…I´ll be back in the office in a couple of days.
If that doesn´t do it then I´ll be recommending that the school move into a more recent century… :cop: (I´ve only just managed to convince them we can make our own audio-on-cd for individual students)

There´s a long way to go :iagree:

If you don’t do it with xp compatibility, you might try the Resolver from
Looks promising.