How to rotate the video 90 degress clockwise?

I’ve a Meizu M6 and would like to rotate the video 90 degrees. Without rotation, I can’t play the video on my M6.
Can anyone advise how I can do that in DVDFab Decrypter Platinium ?
can’t see any option for rotation.

What are the screen dimensions (in pixels) of the M6 when viewed normally? (i.e. 240x320, 480x270 etc.)

when viewed normally, it is 320x240. At this viewing, the device is a retangle where it is wider.
I tried encoding to 320x240 and the video didn’t show up. I then use another application to rotate it and it worked, but I’ll rather not use 2 applications to get the job done.

just to clarify. When encoded to 320x240, the video didn’t show up in Meizu M6, however, on the computer with Wnamp, it is playing ok.
After rotation of 90 degrees clockwise by another application, using the previously encoded xvid file by DVDFab, the video could be played by the Meizu. The proper video that can be played by the Meizu should be 320x240. rotate 90 clockwise.
I need to know if DVDFab supports rotation or not. If it does, how do I go about doing it ?

Hi khewa,

Please lower the Bitrate to 384 kbps and Framerate to 20 fps to see the result.

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tried it, doesn’t work on the Meizu. In fact, I’ve put the framerate to 15.
The Meizu actually hung up while reading the avi file. Had to do a reboot.
The video has to be rotated for it to work on the Meizu. Is there any way that DVDFab can rotate the video (90 degrees clockwise) ?