How to RMA a 712A, I have problems

I bought a 712A back in the summer. I installed it in a Dell 400SC as a master to a Lite-On CDRW drive. It seemed to work fine. I originally had a Pioneer 106 that NEVER gave me a problem, but was limited to 4X.

Well, for various reasons, I decided to remove the LiteOn and install the Pioneer 106 alongside the Plextor so I’d have 2 DVD burners.

The Plextor is Master and the Pioneer is Slave. The Pioneer works fine still, but now the Plextor won’t read or write at anything over 2X even when it recognizes DVD’s with 12X capability. I have firmware 1.05 installed.

Can anyone tell me who I call (is it Plextor) to see if I can rma this drive and is it still under warranty. I believe I bought it from NewEgg in the USA (where I am).

Thanks, Steve

Steve, check the DMA here:

Your 712A should be in Ultra DMA 2.


I’ve been doing some things since I posted. First, I went out and looked in Device Manager (WinXP) to see what might be going on there. Well, the Transfer Mode was set to ‘DMA if available’, HOWEVER, I have 2 Primary IDE channels! One of them has the ‘enable/disable’ bar grayed out (so I’m assuming this one is no good?). But I tried uninstalling both of them and rebooting and 2 always come back!

Then, I went in my case (where the Plextor is master and the Pioneer is slave) and found that the Pioneer was on the end of the IDE cable, so I switched their position so the Plextor is on the end of the cable.

NOW, I am getting read speeds of 5x+ and write speed of 8X with 12X capable media (DVD-R).

What do you think?

Thanks, Steve

2 Primary IDE channels? That’s strange, registry corrupted? Try to delete the root (IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers) and reboot.

Not really, I have the same issues as well and it’s normal. It’s probably due to some extra IDE ports on his motherboard. Some motherboard have extra channel for RAID setups and such. Check out this image with 2xPrimary and 2xSeconday channels, taken from my system (Shuttle SN95G5):

Via Nero InfoTool you check check to which channels your drives are attached. In your Windows XP control panel you can also check this: if both (Master/Slave) UDMA properties are greyed out that channel does not have any devices attached to it.

It dawned on me yesterday why I have two ‘Primary Channels’ showing. It is because I have an SATA drive installed and it is not my boot drive. I have a drive on the Primary IDE channel and one on the Secondary IDE channel. The SATA drive is using its own Primary Channel along with the IDE primary channel.

BTW, my 712A is working fine now. I’m getting 12X burns and reading at 5.3X.

Thanks, Steve