How to rise the volume of a DVD?

Hello, I’ve a DVD (it was home-made) where the audio track volume is too low… I’ve to rise TV volume to max and its still too low.

Is there any software that would allow me to remaster the DVD, rising the volume of the audio track, without touching the video?

I’ve tried ripping the dvd to divx rising the audio volume with the ripping software and then converting it back to DVD using ConvertX … it worked but… the video quality suffered in the process.

So is there a way to simple rise the audio track volume??? and re-burn the DVD?

Thank you in advance.

I would run it through Mpeg video wizard and increase the volume that way.
By increasing the volume you will of course increase any hiss & background noise.
Rubbish in rubbish out as they say. :doh:

Thank you nicadair, but could you explain me a little more, I found some Mpeg Video Wizard software, and Im currently downloading them… but tell me… that software will generated another dvd files but with a higher volume… or they will re-encode the video and all that stuff… sorry im total newbie!