How to "rip" trailers only...2 different DVD's (composer)

I composed a few trailers and I need to rip the trailers from two (2) different DVD’s.

I use shrink to backup most of my dvd’s, but in this case, I suppose I want to rip just the trailers only from the two different dvd’s, then (( suggestions welcome )) use something like Ulead, or Adobe Encore to make a new dvd and import the trailers there.

Thanks as always, you for you help.

Have you looked for them in Shrink re-author mode? Should be possible to get them that way. Use the latest version of Shrink. They are usually separate VOB files, you just need to figure out which they are. If they’re no separate files, you can use Shrink’s start-end function to edit them out.

Trailers are normally quite small in size so just use DVD Decrypter in IFO mode to rip out the trailer your after from each disk. Rip enough of them so their total size is under 4.3 gB. Then just author them in DVDLab or TMPGEnc DVD Author and create a suitable menu. Compile and burn out with Nero or RNM.