How to rip this

I’m trying to copy the music from a dvd or enhanced cd, heck, I’m not sure what it is. It says it is a dvd but it isn’t one in the sense that it is a movie.

The disk is Riding with the King (Clapton, BB King). When you play it there are two folders. One is for dolby 5.1, the other for dts.

I just want to make an audio cd from it. Any suggestions?


I believe there are tutorials to help you do this for free but this is all i could find

Thanks. I’ll give it a try.

OK. SO I have this dvd ripper program and I put in the dvd. It sees two sets of songs. One in AC3 (48khz 6ch) one in DTS (48khz 6ch).

I have the options of ripping it in these formats

OGG – Xph Ogg/Vorbis
MP3 - MPEG1 Layer III
WAV – PCM Uncompressed Wave
FLAC – Free Loseless Audio Codec
Direct Stream Demux
CD Image and Cuesheet

I’ve tried WAV and CD Image. Neither create a audio cd (in Nero) that will play in a regular cd player. Any suggestions?


Try Burrrn ( once you’ve ripped the tracks.

We’ll, I still don’t know what format to rip them in. Can someone give me a clue?


I have done this only a couple of times, if memory serves me correctly the problem with saving them to uncompressed .wav’s is the file size is rather large. This is however the format that audio cd’s are in. However I believe almost all burner apps. will convert an .mp3 to an audio cd on the fly. So you should be able to rip to either .wav or to an mp3, just watch the compression. Ideally you would want to rip to a .wav, but you would have to compress it a bit to fit onto 1 cd. Or just burn to multiple cd’s Hope this helps.

try this