How to rip Spotify music to mp3?

Is there any possibility to rip Spotify music and to convert them to mp3? Can I do that with any recording software or there is some kind of special Spotify ripper? I like a lot the music from Spotify and I’d just love to have them on my pc or on cds to listen to my car. I know that there are some radio recording tools which in my opinion should work with Spotify too, but can you please tell me some good names?
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Edit: Solution Found:

Follow this guide and/ or download this software (FREE)

We hope this helps you in ripping spotify music to mp3

Well, I don’t think you can rip Spotify music because as far as I know Spotify is a streaming online music service and you cannot rip or download it. All you can do is to search, browse and stream their collection of music, you’ll only have access to their music collection this way. I’m not a big fan of Spotify but as far as I know you can’t move Spotify music out of its application and convert it to mp3 or move it to other music device which doesn’t have its application installed. And since Spotify is a streaming online music website, the usual radio recording tools cannot rip Spotify.

You can use the free app Goldwave which can record what your soundcard ‘hears’. Just adjust the record levels,start the tune on Spotfly and start record on Goldwave just before starting the stream…

So, do I need a sound card recording tool? As far as I understood, Spotify music is somehow protected and it cannot be downloaded or saved on my pc with any recording tool, just with an app which can record anything what goes through sound card. Honestly I’ve never thought of that.
Thank you for your suggestion and I’ll try the app you’ve recommended. :bow:

Great ,as long as the recording level within the app responds to the sound ,you can record it… Once Goldwave is installed ,you can set up where the recorded file would be created on your PC…Good Luck Goldwave is here:

I also found Audacity and Spotify Ripper and even Tunebite Converter. Those ones I guess it will record everything it comes through your sound card, so it surely will save your Spotify music on your pc. Indeed, you cannot download Spotify music since it’s a streaming online music service and those services cannot be just downloaded, indeed you need a sound card recording tool. It’s a little bit hard but it’s important that there are tools which can record our sound card and so it can rip Spotify music and also some of them convert Spotify music directly to mp3.
So, I guess you still have work to do, try those ones I suggested and let us know what you chose…:bigsmile:

Hi, thank you for suggesting me those tools, it seems that finally there are some tools which can rip Spotify music and convert it to mp3. Unfortunately, not all of them worked well, indeed, they were supposed to record Spotify music, as found on their websites, but they didn’t. :frowning: Tried Spotify Ripper but the recorded files didn’t have sound, audacity had an awful quality and after pressing the stop button my pc froze and I had to restart it from the restart button, that goldwave was very slow, only Tunebite could record 1 min from a song as it’s limited, I have to buy the full version…:doh:
Thanks anyway…

I’ve never had any issues with Audacity when recording a wav…But then again I don’t purchase/stream or otherwise from Spotify…iTunes, and Amazon for me, and no need to rip anything…Not even Apple/iTunes sells DRM’d tracks these days…:rolleyes:
The freezing could be a codec issue…

Well, maybe it was because it recorded the music through sound card and it made the pc working hard. And the fact that I want to rip Spotify music is that I really like this music, because all the time there is only new music. Anyway, I guess I’ll buy Tunebite because it really worked with Spotify and also it has some step-by-step instructions about how to rip Spotify music which in my opinion is very helpful:

Yep!..The least they can do is show you “step-by-step instructions about how to rip Spotify music” and point you to the only SW that will git-er-done ;)…Hey, whatever works right?..

or you could just buy premium and you have the ability to save them for offline use