How to rip sound effects from this PS2 game?

I wanna know how i can rip sound effects(espescially menu sounds) from Kingdom Hearts(USA) or Kingdom Hearts II(USA) or if anyone has already did where i could download them.

Cuz i wanna customize my windows sounds with KH menu sounds.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Well I am not too sure if ya can, but you can definitely RECORD it. Go to an electronics shop and grab a rca to headphone jack cable. hookup the audio from the playstaion to your computer, and use a proggie to record the audio. Then later you can cut and edit sounds, songs, or whatever you recorded.

Sorry, that doesn’t go along with the forum rules, because this is ©opyrighted material. :wink:

sorry i didn’t know.

Try Zzyzxroad’s suggestion. :wink:

hmmm… is recording a track wrong? I can see alot more wrong with the post “how to crack wma files”

It is about downloading copyrighted material, I quoted it in bold.