How To Rip Music To Small wav Files?

I have a web site and I use Front Page. I can embed wav files to run as background music when the page is displayed. These files are small, 200 to 300 kilobytes in size. I’ve tried ripping my own music to wav using the settings that would produce the smallest file but I’m getting files in the one megabyte neighborhood.

Why Microsoft’s Front Page doesn’t support wma or mp3 format, only Bill and Steve knows.

Does anybody know how to rip a music file to a very small wav file? I don’t care about the quality. The few small music wav files that I have found on the internet work OK and are recognizable as music, just not very good quality. But that is OK. I want the page to download quickly and so small wav files are must.

Any suggestions will be greatlly appreciated.

Just a thought but you could use a program called midi2wav this will enable you to use polyphonic ringtones…
Its simple to use and quick
(I used it to change the annoying sound in clonecd when a burn is finished)

Thanks but that isn’t what I am trying to do. I am trying to rip music from a cd into a wav file that is no bigger than about 300k. Front Page already supports midi directly, I don’t need to convert midi to wav. But thanks for the suggestion.


If it can’t rip directly to it… it seems you can… , you can convert an MP3 file to RIFF-WAV, which adds the WAV file header to declare it to be a WAV file using the MP3 codec - accepted by any program as a WAV file, and plays on any sytem with an MP3 Windows (ACM) codec, which most systems either have as standard, or end up with.

I’ve tried ripping with CDEX. That is my main program for ripping. The problem is that the smallest file it can make at the lowest quality is still too big to use on a web page because it takes too long to download.

Encode to MP3 at a lower level - maybe with the free FHG app if it’s still available, and then just RIFF-WAV it using CDEX.

Otherwise, bring it into Sound recorder, and try some of the other Windows codecs.