How to rip music from DVD movie?

I have a DVD of the film “The Crying Game.”

On the soundtrack of the movie they play a recording of the title song, “The Crying Game,” sung by Kate Robbins.

But, I was disappointed to discover that that version is not included on the CD of the movie soundtrack. And, as far as I can tell, it doesn’t seem to be available anywhere in any format.

I’d like to copy that portion of the movie soundtrack to a WAV or FLAC or similar file format so I can burn it to a DVD.

So I’ll need software that would allow me to not only rip sound from a DVD, but also edit exactly where to begin and end the ripping, and maybe even add a fade in and fade out so the beginning and ending of the ripped track won’t be so abrupt.

Is there free software that can accomplish that?

See this thread for the basic procedure:

You’ll need to locate the VOB file that contains the music you’re after and then (after demuxing) use something like Mpeg2Schnitt to get just the section you’re after. If you want fade in/out then you’ll need to use an audio editor of some sort; not sure which to recommend so try Google.