How to rip DVD to VCD/MPEG4



I just posted the article How to rip DVD to VCD/MPEG4.

On Tha Video Capturing site you can find a detailed tutorial how you can rip DVD movies to VideoCD or MPEG4. Besides the tutorials you can also find links to the utils you need for this…

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Nice site…Thanx ZiSE…


I tried to rip Southpark DVD, but i never got a clean screen (green stripez, etc…)Does anyone how to do this?


if you’re talking about SP the movie, I got it dan and have the *.asf files here.

Just like the Cdfreaks tutorial how to rip a dvd told, just follow those guidelines and it works for sure


Could you plz send them to me? I tried A LOT, but it just didn’t work. I got shit to trade. pleaze contact me over ICQ# 49835813