How to rip DVD to MPEG with subtitle

I’m running Windows Media Center streamed through an XBOX 360. Since Microsoft don’t allow you to stream DVD’s, I have over the past successfully used DVDShrink and DVDdecrypter to rip my DVD’s to a single vob and then just rename it with an .mpg extension. Now it streams beautifully and I have a great way to access my DVD’s.

Now to my question, how can I rip my DVD’s with the correct subtitle directly in to the mpeg file?


You’ll probably have to use one of these tools
I’m guessing extract the subtitles from the dvd and then add them to the mpg.

Well, then I guess your guess was as good as mine. Still haven’t found a tool that outputs what I want. There’s plenty that creates a new DVD which is not what I want. If there’s anyone that knows of a concrete tool that can manage this, please let me know. Thanks!

try super DVD ripper:


Is that not a tool that outputs to MPEG4 in an .avi container? I assumed the OP wants to keep the AV as MPEG2.

yepp, that’s correct!