How to rip DVD and see cover art

Hi, Just started using CloneDVD2 to rip my library of DVDs, so I can watch them on SageTV. It rips them just fine, but there isn’t a .jpg of the cover. Is that an option I missed? If not, is there a way to tell it to get the cover art - like when you rip a CD? Thanks, John

There isn’t an image for CloneDVD2 to get from the DVD.

Whether or not you have images and other info about your files depends on which software you use as a database. iTunes, for example will pull cover and file information for audio and video files. There are numerous other cataloging tools which can pull the same information. It all depends on the app you are using for browsing/playback.

John12345;I’m still not sure what you want.CloneDVD2 will make an exact clone so if the cover art was on your original it should be on the backup.If it wasn’t it won’t.
If you just want a still shot from a DVD the VLC player will take one.

I wonder if this person is talking about the sometimes “Jacket” folder with some DVD’s?

Hi Bob,I guess it’s just not my day for getting things. I’m not sure what the “Jacket” folder is either.
One of my standalones does allow a still from the video for it’s menu on DVD’s it records.