How to rip blu-ray trailers and place together with move in BD Disc?

Greetings CDfreaks gurus.

I had this question long ago with SD’s, and eventually figured out how to do it and was very happy. Now I have just jumped in to blu-ray discs and have the same question all over again.

I would like to rip trailers from blu-ray discs… for instance, I just watched Under Siege and the only features on the disc are the movie and the trailer.

Once I have ripped several trailers, I would then like to burn these back on to a blu-ray disc along with a full length movie (no menus, so the trailers would play, then the movie would play after)

It would be nice to add in THX demos or DTS demos as well, but I am not sure if anyone has these availble HD yet unless they are available on some blu-ray discs and can be ripped separately.

I used to do this with dvd shrink. It was easy to take just the trailers off the disc and then recompile them with the movie.

I am also not sure if the movie will fit along with the trailers on a 25 gig disc. I am hoping that if I leave off all the features on the disc and extra audio it should fit along with the trailers and nothing will need to be compressed or shrunk.

Thanks for any help or pointing me in the direction of the right tools to do this job.

I have considered ripping to an HD and then playing them back from the hard drive, but I do not have a media center PC. THat is why it would be better for me to rip back to blu-ray disc for playback.

Try MultiAVCHD.

[QUOTE=zaina;2240726]Try MultiAVCHD.[/QUOTE]

Thanks I will give this a try and report back.