How to Rip Blu ray to MKV/MP4/AVI on Laptop/iPhone/Mac

What are the options for ripping Blu-ray on a Mac? The same goes for ripping Blu ray on Windows 10/8/7/XP, even on iPhone? Here are the favorable solutions for you to make a digital backup copy of Blu ray disc, folder, and ISO image files.
How to Rip Blu ray Disc/DVDs/Movies
There are so many Blu ray videos streaming on Netflix like House of Cards and Daredevil, do you want to copy them? Seeing hills of Blu ray discs at home, have you ever thought of burning them to save more space? No matter what kind of reasons motivating you to make a digital backup copy of Blu rays, it is possible for you to do that. And the source can be a Blu-ray disc, a Blu ray folder or Blu-ray ISO file. Accordingly, you can output your Blu-rays in the three forms with the best Blu ray copy software for free.