How to rip audio cd?

Hi to all!

I have reached a trouble.
I need a program code example on any program language that shows how to rip the fird audio track on an audio cd.

Does anyone know?:confused:

most burning software
i think dbpoweramp

Next time post this in Audio Forum or General Software Forum
You will get many more responses there :smiley:

I don’t need those progs!
I need the source code that shows how to rip an audio cd!

Thanx for your advise.

what language? perhaps you could search sourceforge for a ripping program - and look through that source :wink:

any language.

I’ve looked through the and I didn’t find it there.
There’re only compiled progs (.exe) and no source code.:frowning:

I really need help!:o

sourceforge is FULL of source, so you can compile the programs for your computer.

I have downloaded it already and it doesn’t
contain the source code. It contains only win32 EXE binary

CDex has cdrip.dll
Can you get the source code of this dll?

Originally posted by Ehnathon

Can you get the source code of this dll?
Well, first of all, [COLOR=blue]crossposting is not cool.

Secondly, why didn’t you contact e.g. Albert L Faber (CDex developers), a father of CDex and ask him of a clue ?[/COLOR]

Originally posted by BoSkin

Developer Zone

CDex developers

Hydrogenaudio Forums