How to rip a DVD to the hard disk using ImTOO DVD Ripper Ultimate

Ripping DVD to another format reduces the stress on your DVD drive that would have to keep working for several hours, as you only access the DVD once and then read all the DVD data from your hard drive. The new DVD conversion software I recently tried is ImTOO DVD Ripper Ultimate. From the first time I used it, I was deeply impressed from its easy-to-use interface, multifunction and pretty good quality of the output files.

Here I’d like to write this guide to show you how to rip a DVD to the hard disk with this DVD conversion software in several simple steps.

Here is the first screen.

As you see, there are three tips for the newbie.
First, you need to upload DVD movies you want to rip. The “Open DVD” button will open a DVD disc you have in your DVD RW drive, and it also allows you to upload DVD Folder, ISO File and IFO File. We are going to use Open DVD for now.

Then, things are pretty simple here. Just click “Profile” drop-down list and choose an output format you want. I’m very satisfied with its optimized profiles, which make you find the format available for your PSP, iPod, mobile phone or other popular digital devices rather easier.

After choosing the profile, you could enter the name for the selected title on the “Profile Settings” panel, and do some basic settings as you like. You can use the default settings or use the “Advanced Settings” where you will see lots of codec available for you to choose, and the video size, bit rate, aspect ratio, sample rate etc. adjustable.

Okay, perfect profile available for you now!
Here, I’d like to show something special for you. You can save the modified one as your own profile by clicking “Save As” button next to the “Profile” list. That means you create a new profile! Friendly design, isn’t it? Afterwards, you can use it directly in the future.

Thirdly, choose audio, subtitle and angle you like for the selected title.

After that, for the one who just want to backup DVD as the original, it’s the time to Start Ripping now. However, ImTOO DVD Ripper Ultimate does more than that. Now, let’s continue this cheerful journey:

Wanna clip some segments from your DVD, or merge certain segments as a new one? Here is the solution:
Click clip icon at the bottom of the interface, “Clip” window appears.

Click the “New Clip” icon to create new segment, then reset its start time and end time. If necessary, you can merge any clipped segments. You can merge all the clips to a whole movie as your “works”.

Now, let’s return to the main interface.
Compared to other ripping tool, there is something special to speak of, that is, this DVD Ripper offers four rather good-to-use functions: Crop, Effect, Subtitle Adjust and Watermark.
So, click effects icon, go to the Effects window.

There are four functions available for you.
Now, just follow me. Click “Crop”, crop the area size to remove the unwanted area by setting the parameters or just dragging the lines.

Now about the Effect function. You can adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation of the image, and even change your video to old film style or other as displayed.

With the “Subtitle Adjust” function, you can move the subtitle to the position more suitable, or change the font style if needed.

Wanna protect your DVD movie? Just add image or text watermark in any position.

After that, click the “Comparing Preview” button to view the effects more clearly. Then click OK to save your changes and return to the main interface again.

Okay, we have done all needed settings and editing. All we need to do now is to click”Start Ripping” button!

That is! Your video is ready!