How to rip a DVD to a DUAL-Audio or even a multi-Audio avi? In one go

Is there a way to rip a DVD to a DUAL-Audio or even a multi-Audio avi?
As far as it matters, it’s an episode DVD.

I’ve used the workaround via MakeMKV, then MKVextractGUI to get the mpeg2’s and sound and subs out, then remux them via vdub etc, but:
1 it takes kinda long and
2 i think it will lose quality cos of the many transcodings/conversions,
3 it costs me 10GB of discspace.

so is there a way to go directly from VIDEO_TS to avi with 2 or more audio tracks?
And also, with separate subtitles, preferably in .SRT (or any text) format?

All the rippers i’ve seen, like imtoo, dvdx, smartripper, they all seem only to be able to produce an avi with just ONE audio track, often with the subs hardcoded AAAARGH! And sure, I can rip them 3 times, for each audio track I want, then save the audio with goldwave or vdub, but that seems overly … stupid?
There’s Xvid2PSP … maybe, but it takes a staggering, a whopping 125 (HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE) MEGAbytes of dickspace to operate. I have the space, but I am hugely distrustful of any program that takes 10 times more resources than all the other apps to do basically the same thing.

I’m drawing a huge blank, here, I know there must be an easy way to do, just not seeing it right now.

Check Autogk, I believe it can do two audio tracks as well as subtitles, both hard coded and external.

I can confirm that AutoGK is able to make avi with multiple audio (I did this many times). It also allow to select the order of audio tracks (i.e., for example, if on DVD you have Italian as first language and English as second, you can swap them putting English as first language and Italian as second).

Another software able to do this is AutoMKV, that is basically like AutoGK but can also use the H.264 codec (already embedded in the software).

Thanks to both, but, with [B]AutoGK[/B], how or where do i set [B]aspect ratio[/B] or the [B]bitrate [/B]for the video? lets say I want it to go from [I]720x480[/I] and 1500KB/s to maybe [I]704x384[/I] and 800KB/s?

I can set the bit rate for the audio, why not for the video?

AutoGK automatically calculates bitrate based on options you set in the main window. Also aspect ratio is calculated automatically if you choose a custom file size.

You can see some advanced options pressing CTRL + F9.

In the main window there is a large button named [B]Advanced Options[/B]. Click there and select fixed width and then 708 as value. This should set size to the value you want but, again, bitrate is determined automatically by AutoGK based on other options you set previously.

If you want a high bitrate, I suggest to use the option “Target Quality (in percentage)”, setting a high value. 100% is not a good idea, because it will create a huge file (probably larger than the original dvd). Usually 80% is a high enough value, but the best option must be selected doing some tests and watching results in your television, to be sure that video is shown good. If you want a lower bitrate, then select a lower value, 70% for example. A too low value will make video appear ugly, so again you must find the right value trying some options by yourself.

Bear in mind that even if you find a good target quality value for that specific movie, this value is not the best option for [U]every[/U] movie, because results are related to the quality of the source DVD.

If the original DVD has a high quality, you can set a low target quality and still obtain a good result, but if the original DVD already has a low quality, compressing it into avi will further cause a degradation, so you should insert there a higher value.

geno888 thanks for the reply, but I think autogk is not the way to go for me. because I can’t adjust the WxH and the bitrate. I looked at GK, but that was really super confusing, so no.
I have to look for some freeware Vob to Mpeg2 convertor, I guess.

and i found the advanced options via F9, but i did not see a button not nowhere.

and i found the advanced options via ctF9, but i did not see a button, not nowhere.

AutoMKV is kinda the way to go, but it really is soooooooooo slow!!! I should try it with no compression settings, it’ll prolly go faster.

AutoMKV allow to use different codecs. If you get a slow encoding speed, probably you used the H.264 codec. Be sure to select XviD as codec.

Alternatively, your machine is not powerful enough to run a fast encoding.

Give also a try to AviDemux. It allow to manually set a lot of settings and is not as confusing as gordian knot :bigsmile:

I have to look for some freeware Vob to Mpeg2 convertor, I guess.[/QUOTE]

I have this one .I haven’t used it much but it’s worth a try.