How to rip a DVD into a CD?

So I have this DVD movie which is a DVD-RW. I want the movie itself and try to put it into a 700mb cd. Is it possible??

The movie can be converted into vcd format and if it isn’t longer than 79 minutes it will fit on a single 700mb cd.

If it’s longer than 79 min you’ll either need to split the movie across 2 or 3 discs or else make an xvcd so as to fit on a single disc.

Hopwever, if you go the xvcd route, you should be aware that not all stand-alone players can play an xvcd and also that the longer the movie that you try to fit onto a single xvcd the lower the quality. For example, if you make a single xvcd of a 90 min movie the quality probably won’t be too bad but it will be dreadful if you try to fit a 3 hour movie onto a single xvcd.

I agree, This is a very good advise.

well how do i convert to xvcd in nero?

My advice is to convert it to xvid using auto gordion knot. Excellent quality and very high compression. But cant be played on most standalones

Then what is the use of it if can’t be played in some stand alone?.