How to rip a DVD but keep multi audio tracks

I have done a lot of searching but cant seem to find an answer for this. I have some DVD’s that I am trying to rip, like Sienfeld. I want the mkv files (or other container) to contain the director commentary or whatever might be on the multiple audio tracks.
Is there a good GUI ripping software that will do this for me? I hate loading all these DVD’s but would really like to keep all the info on the DVD.


The best way to keep all the audio tracks is to simply rip the movie to the hard drive and don’t try to convert it to another format. Use DVDFab HD Decrypter, rip the entire movie and be done. Yes, it will take more space, but it is simple to do and hard drive capacity is no longer at such a premium. Buy a 1Tb storage drive for $100, and put 120 full sized movies on it.

Space isnt the issue at all, I actually have 4.75 TB on my windows home server. I just hate the .iso / VIDEO_TS stuff i have to deal with. I like that an avi or mkv is a file name like season and episode number + name. Once playing in windows medie classic I can chance the audio track.

Is it impossible? Basically I want the directors commentary and the main audio in the mkv container.