How to revert back to previous Firmware

Hello guys, this might be another noob question so please dont flame. I’ve been searchin this site but havent come up with the info I needed. I recently flashed my 3500 to the quickee v2.28, but now I wanna bring it back to the original version I bought it at which was v2.18. How would I do so?

The same way you flashed the modded firmware… just now you have to use 2.18 original firmware instead :wink:

thanks for the quick reply quikee, but when I downloaded firmware from nec’s website and I clicked on the flash it said “target NEC ND-3500A is not found correctly”. Can you enlighten me…

Well… you can select in BinFlash the downloaded Nec flasher instead of a .bin file. It also works this way.

xxpnoisnxx! I did the same thing and binflash works everytime. I added an extra step and removed the old FW first in binflash then you can dump anything into the drive(donuts, coffee, etc).