How to retrieve burning date from a CD-R?

Hey guys,

I need to know if is posible to retrieve the date in which a CD-R with audio tracks was burned. The reason is because I think my wife is cheating on me with this guy that she use to see, and the only clue that I have is a CD-R with music that he did for her. Therefore if I find out that the date on what it was burn is after she supous to stop seen him I will have a better clue.

I will post the results, and thanks in advance for your help. I’ll really apreciate it.


A program call CD/DVD speed will tell you. Go to cdspeed2000 and download it. It is an application so open it up and extract and click on the yellow cd. Then click on the disc quality tab (with the disc in the drive) and the date will be on the right hand side.

Thanks for your help. I just tried but the date field at disk info is empty. I guess that means it couldn’t retrieve it. I guess I cannot get any clue from this CD. any other idea ?. thanks again.


right click a song and select properties there it should tell you date created

I just tried that. It gives you just the date on which the audio tracks were originally created. In this case somewhere on 1999 but not the date on which they were copied. thanks for your help anyway. any other idea ?


DVDinfo pro can tell you many things about a disc. Even the serial number of the burner that created it.