How to retrieve a CD Session?


I stupidly did not check my options in Nero Burning Rom, and created a second session on a CDR. Nero warned me that I would not be able to see the first session again if I proceeded, but like the idiot I am, I went ahead.

So now I can only see the two files that I added in the second session, yet the disc has over 450 mb on it. Does anyone know of free utility that will enable me to recover the lost first session? I know that the CDR is wasted now, but if I could at least copy the files from the first session to my hard disk, it would enable me to then burn a new CDR.

Thanks guys.


Welcome to the CDFreaks Forum, the first thing to do you can finalized the CD-R disc to see if you can see both sessions files now.

Thanks, but I did that, and can only see the second session.


try Isobuster to retrieve the data from the disc.


Thanks! Isobuster works! It only retrieves the DOS file names, so I will have some work to do, but at least I have the files back. Thanks very much for your help. :clap:

IsoBuster will retreive the filenames in the filsystem you choose on the disc. If there’s a Joliet filesystem you can just choose that and you’ll get the long filenames.

Here’s an example of a disc (image) with three filesystems, with the Joliet filesystem chosen:

Thanks for that info. I did not notice that each session has two sections, and I had extracted from the ISO one - hence the short names. I have just rerun the extract from the Joliet section, and I have the long file names now.

Thanks very much guys. I really appreciate your assistance.

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Glad to help! :slight_smile:

Have a good Easter! :clap:
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