How to retain menu for both disc when splitting a DVD movie into 2 discs?

I try using DVD to split the disc, however when watching the splited disc , it will bypass the menu and go straight to movie.

Are you using customize split?

i have try both. Split and customer split.

Split, Customize Split and Customize will all produce output discs with or without menus at the users option. In Customize Split the default is to HAVE menus on both discs, you have to check the box in the “Removing” area to delete them. Split will always have menus on Disc 1, they are optional on Disc 2. Customize mode defaults to menus, but again they can be removed by checking the box in the “Removing” area. There options in all three modes to jump to main title or menu (or jump to split title) which are set in the “Navigation” area for all except Split mode, where the choices are located in the lower area of the split window.