How to resurrect a died PX 716A with focus trimmers! I did it!

I hope this info will be useful to other users. My 716A died a week ago. It couldn’t 't read DVDs but could read and write CDs. So opened it; i tried to clean the lens but it was already cleaned; no dust on it. No wires are losen. So i inspected the optic pickup. I found the 2 focus Trimmers on the back of the optic pickup. You must remove the pcb to reach it; they are hided in the body of the optic pickup. Then I turned “clockwise” the first trimmer. You should play with these trimmer moving them a few mm right or left. Make micrometric changes. Tried 4 times the changes, mounting back the drive in the case every time. Now my 716A reborned; it can read all supports. You should try this procedure if your drive is out of warranty. :slight_smile:

Very interesting info. Thank you for posting!


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One more reborn…


Nice Work! :slight_smile:

I think the main issue of the broken 716As is the lost of focus of the laser; probably because of heavy use and overheating; no matter if the lens is dusted or clean. Probably when you RMA the bad drive to Plextor they just recalibrate the laser and the drive will became a refurbished unit!

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I also have a reborn 716a, thanks to mordorr and some others. Luckily I didn’t have to go through what you had to but I will keep this info handy if it happens again.

I have a question for you owners of 716A (reborned ones): What’s the delay (in seconds) when you insert a DVD disc before the drive recognises it? My reborned drive takes 17/25 seconds for recognise a DVD+r and 13/16 seconds for DVD-R normal one. Are these times in the standard? While For recognise a CD it takes 8/9seconds, the same time of my Plextor Premium, so i assume it’s normal.


Its normal :cool:


Even the long time delay load with DVD+R? It’s random but sometimes it takes almost 30seconds for recognise a DVD+R! No big problems with DVD-R. Honestly i don’t remember exactly what was the delay load time when the drive was new because i used it pricipally for burn and read DVD-R, not +. Also the drive recognises (and recognised when the drive was new) blank disks very quickly; almost 7/8 seconds. The problem is the reading of DVD+R.
Mordorr can you confirm your drive has the same behaviour reading DVD+R?

Thx! :slight_smile:

P.S. I can’t do tests comparing with other Plextor drives but i asked my friend that have a LG DVD burner and he told me his drive recognises DVD+R/-R in 5 seconds! Is this long load delay a normal behaviour for Plextor DVD Burners?

One more detail: When the drive stopped working (before i changed the position of the trimmers) the yellow light standed still for 40sec then amber light blinked two times. That with EVERY support is used -R or +R. So now after trimmer repair, even if it can read every support, when i see yellow light still and high loading time i’m worried there is some other reading problems.

Plextor DVD drives always take quite long to reckognize a disc when inserted.

Just tested: My 708 takes 17 seconds to load a burned +R.

Yes but 17 is better than 30! :doh: :smiley:

What about DVD-R?

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I did insert a +R DVD, with some data to test…

It took exactly 24 secunds, until a window appear, with the data…

I think it`s normal, Plextor do take a litle long to read the stuff…

The same oppening Plextools…


Thx a lot Mordorr! :slight_smile:
Now i know it’s not an issue of my drive!

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yea mine averaged between 15 to 20 seconds using different various dvd+r

I have try on my Dead PX-716A TLA#0203 (Upd to Firmware 1.09)
i put here a Picture of my Pick Up and can use for understanding
better what Trimmer i have Moved.

In my drive problem are the DVD+/-RW the CD-R/RW DVD+R/-R work OK !!
When i write over 1Gbyte of data de file inside the DVD+RW are all Unreadable
and after the first writing the master can’t read the DVD and Blink Orange, sometime after reinsert the dvd it can read but al file are trashed.

I have move the Trimmer T1 of 1 degree (Clockwise) but is not sufficent,
to correct the problem, at the end of the trimmer (MAX degree clockwise)
the media unreadable can be read but the write don’t work.
If i trim T2 CD stop to work and the drive stop to write.

Someone Know what the trimmer work …

Are T1 for DVD and T2 for CD … or are Both for DVD setting
one for fine tune and one for big changes ?

PS: The plex are the one i must destroy because i have RMA it
i don’t have lost nothing :wink:

Sorry for my very bad english … :bigsmile:

So even my resurrected 716A is 0203 TLA; and even my 716A couldn’t read +/-RW initially; then it couldn’t read any DVD (seems to be a high failture TLA), but worked well with CDs.
The first thing you must do is to mark with a pencil both trimmers (i hope you did it) so you can back to their original positions if the changes will not work. For me, first i tried to turn clockwise T2 trimmer that i thought was the DVD one: No changes; same led blink code (2 amber) it even didn’t read CDs; then i tried to turn it counterclockwise (from the original position)…no way. Then i played with T1 trimmer; same procedure; at the 4th try… voilà ; worked like a charm it can read back DVDs. If your drive can read partially DVDs the issue is very limited to a slight lost of focus.
I suggest you try to turn “both trimmers clockwise or counterclockwise” from original positions for half millimeter (yes you read right; movements must be micrometric; use a magnifier if you have it) and see the drive behaviour. Let us know if it works.

Cya! :wink:

This should be stickied with pictures on how to remove the PCB in order to gain access to the back of the optical pickup