How to restore UDF-reading builtin ability of WinXP?

I burned some files in DVD-RW disc with InCD 5 (part of Nero 7) (I’m not sure if that’s considered packet writing/UDF format?).

I then inserted this DVD-RW disc onto another PC’s DVD-ROM drive (this WinXP PC only has Nero 5 Express without InCD) and it’s able to read the burned files without problems. (This PC doesn’t have any 3rd-party UDF reader installed, eg. no INCD UDF reader, no Adaptec UDF Reader, or any other UDF reader installed, perhaps apart from WinXP’s built-in UDF Reader, if indeed WinXP has a built-in UDF reader)

However, on another WinXP PC, I also inserted the same DVD-RW disc to its DVD-ROM drive and it could only read the “Nero message” html file (ie. if you view this HTML file, it says something about the system not being able to read UDF file system and would need to install InCD UDF Reader to be able to read the files on that DVD-RW media).

I’m wondering why the DVD-RW files can be read on one WinXP system while it can’t be read on the other WinXP PC. I’m presuming that the 2nd PC (which didn’t read UDF file system) may have the built-in WinXP UDF reader disabled, but I’m not sure how to enable it (can’t find any such reference in the Services). I checked the \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\drivers and the file “udfs.sys” is indeed present (and the same file/date/version as in the 1st PC that was able to read the disc).

It’s possible that in the 2nd PC that couldn’t read UDF file system, it was previously installed with InCD 3 (or some old version), but its INCD was uninstalled. Did uninstalling a previously-installed InCD program also disabled the built-in WinXP UDF Reader? If so, how to re-enable it?

(as much as possible, I wouldn’t want to install a 3rd-party UDF reader like InCD UDF reader, or Adaptec UDF Reader, aside from the built-in WinXP UDF Reader)