How to reset CloneDVD Trial Period?



It isn’t quite what it sounds like. A number of months ago we loaded CloneDVD but didn’t use it because we tried DVDXCopy. Having stability problems with XCopy, we found the trial for AnyDVD and DVDCopy2. AnyDVD looks like it works, but DVDCopy2 has been running for over 4 hours and still hasn’t confirmed the DVD it was writing.

I reloaded CloneDVD but it says our trial period is over. How can I reset the trial period so I can see if AnyCopy and CloneDVD work better than InterVideo?




reformat your computer is the only way or use it on another machine. If there was a way to edit the trial don’t you think everyone would be doing it and not actually buy the program.


i’m closing this topic for the reason hburrows83 stated. resetting the trial period isn’t legal; otherwise everyone would just do that instead of buying the program. you may want to contact the creators of clonedvd and see if you can get something worked out with them.