How to reset a Toshiba SD-370 without OSD?


Sorry for posting such a silly question!

I was fiddling idly with settings on my DVD player (a Toshiba SD-370EKB) a couple of nights ago, and suddenly the screen went blank.

The ‘720’ upscale light on the front has come on, so I assume I’ve knocked it from 576 to 720 in my stupidity.

I don’t have an HD TV, so the obvious answer is gone. As I can’t see the screen, anything relating to the ‘setup’ menu is out, too. I’ve tried navigating it from memory and can’t make the thing work. I know holding the ‘stop’ button at power-up will reset some Tosh DVD’s, but doesn’t work for me on this one. Finally, I left it unplugged for 24h, and still no joy.

Unless anyone can tell me how to reset it, I’m going to have to try to find someone with an HD TV that’ll let me plug in for a few minutes, but as I live in the middle of nowhere with the nearest town over an hour away that would be a major pain…

Edit: I region unlocked the player a while ago, bt I don’t see this making a difference, purely included for completeness

Hope someone can help me! Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Ok, Solved!

Dug up a copy of the manual online (wife threw the original away on one of her ‘thats not mine so it must be junk’ sprees)

With the player in <STOP> mode you can use the <HDMI> button on the front to step through video modes. Doesn’t work when player playing. LED a little slow to track the mode change. Works though!

Hope this helps someone else! :slight_smile: