How to replace files on +RW data backup?

I heard sometime ago that some standalone DVD video recorders can manipulate with recorded files on rw discs in a way that they delete unwanted files and use the space they occupied to record something else. I want to make backups of programs and documents on +rw. Is there a way to replace old versions of files on previous session with new versions?

In nero when I delete old document versions from compilation window and add new versions, I don’t recover space that old versions occupied. That is probably because they still exist on disc and only reference to them is deleted, right? I need a way to make nero delete old files and recover space to record new, just like on a hard drive. Can this be done without packet-writing programs, because I heard that they can make a mess in system? I have nec 2500a and Nero 6.x.

Thanks in advance.

Nero will do it, choose “Start Multisession” and when you burn make sure to say do not finalize, then when you want to add/replace open Nero and chose “continue multisession” this only works on -+RW discs, as -+R discs will write a new session.

I tried this earlier. I insert disc, choose continue multisession disc, choose which session to continue. Disc has approx. 400 mb free. I delete about 1GB from compilation window, but space indicator doesn’t shrink. I add new files, 500-600 mb perhaps, and indicator goes into red. I hit burn, and Nero complains that there aren’t enough space on disc. Why wouldn’t nero delete files from disc that i deleted from disc compilation window and then write new files in free space?

What is this UDF file system, and options for partitions?

you must use inCD and the UDF (universal drive format) in order to erase some specific files; the problem is that CD is predominantly incompatible with most players, it will work almsot exclusively on burners supporting inCD (or directCD, abCD and equivalent software).