How to Replace External Drive (Mad Dog)

I’ve got a new BenQ DW1655 and I’ve got a Mad Dog External Megator 7-1 drive External USB drive (a little over a year old). I’ve easily opened the case on the Mad Dog but can’t for the life of me figure out how to get the old drive out! I even called Mad Dog Tech Support and they didn’t have a clue. Help!

Turn the case over, you see any screws in the bottom?

No, no screws in the bottom. The only screw I can find are the ones inside the box that are holding the interface and power supply in place to the bottom of the unit. I just took those off but still not budging. It looks like the drive may be locked into place buy sliding on some metal clip-like things on the bottom but I’ve really tried hard to slide it out and it won’t budge.

Ah-ha! If I peel away the hard plastic labels of the button wa-la, it reveals some hidden screws! Bastards. Thanks.

Ya, it looks just like my ByTecc cases, which has sets of screw in the bottom for either 3.5 or 5" drives.