How to replace a damaged HDD in LVW-5045?!

After checking thru internet+this forum, still no luck in finding the answers…

Q1) There’s no menu function inside the recorder to ‘Format a New HDD’. How to replace the recorder with a new HDD? Any formating tools for download?! (tried but couldn’t work with XP FAT format with 36K Cluster size->where the recorder couldn’t record onto HDD…)

Q2) Where’s LiteOn supports in Australia?! What’s its contacts…?


I remember reading about some HDD upgrades to this recorder sometime last year, but for the life of me I cannot find the forum. It’s not us.
There were photographs and detailed instructions including a list of drives that are ok to use, some drives are not suitable. The participants wrote that the hardware will format the drive at boot up, as far as I can remember. They were using 250 GB drives I think Maxtor and Seagate were ok but considering the number of glasses of whisky I’ve had since then anything is possible! :bigsmile: :flower:
Just Goggle and be tenacious you will get there. :slight_smile:

Thank you weedougie. :smiley:

Just for any one’s interest, finally managed to ‘format’ the new HDD into the LiteOn recordable format-> using ‘Erasing All Files’ function under “Tools” control. Guess any larger size (>160MB HDD) also works… :smiley:

The only problem with the recorder is the ‘Cut & Merge’ function, STILL VERY BUGGY inside the firmware. As it’ll ‘hangs’ the system, only after a few times of the video editing. (even aftter the firmware had updated to v2.03…) LiteOn technical team please solve the silly problem in LVW-5045!!! :bow:

Cheers mike. :flower:

I too thank weedougie, I will see what happens as advised.


Hi all, to change the HDD with a 160GB is as described, just do an ERASE HDD under TOOLS. I have a number of ILO HD04 which is 5045’s little brother (half the size (80GB and not all features) but in essence the same. The ERASE tool will only format up to 160GB. If you guys want to upgrade to larger HDDs here are the steps;

I’ve upgrade my ILO HD04s to 250GB.

  1. to extract the system files off of the current HDD onto your PC.
  • Back-up all your recordings you want to keep on disc.
  • Do a full erase of your HDD while still in the recorder
  • Remove HDD and plug into your PC and copy the system folder called LITEONFAT, it’s around 5 GB in size, give or take.
  1. to format new HDD
  • Plug new HDD in PC and run FDISK to the largest size, set it “active” and unformated.
  • Download fat32format from
  • Unzip and save .exe file on your c drive.
  • Click Start->Run and enter cmd. CD to where you extracted the fat32format.exe file, e.g. by typing CD /D c:\
  • In DOS Prompt, type (respect the spaces) this for 64k cluster size, fat32format -c128 f: (replace f: with your appropriate drive letter) You’ll get a warning notice saying “Warning ALL data on drive ‘f’ will be lost irretrievably, are you sure (y/n)” answer yes (y) and in a flash you will see results similar to these,

Size : 250GB 488392002 sectors
512 Bytes Per Sector, Cluster size bytes (65xxx for 64k cluster)
Volume ID is 1bdb:2c1d
32 Reserved Sectors, 59604 Sectors per FAT, 2 fats
7629261 Total clusters
7629260 Free Clusters
Formatting drive f:…
Clearing out 119304 sectors for Reserved sectors, fats and root cluster…
Wrote 61083648 bytes in 0.988463 seconds, 61796609.106193 bytes/sec
Initialising reserved sectors and FATs…

3- Copy LITEONFAT file onto new HDD and install in the recorder.

Now some more info, because your Liteon is a 160GB recorder, if ever you do a full erase with the larger HDD, it will only reformat 160GB, if that happens you would need to go over this process to get the full size again. That means from now on, erase individual titles and not the whole HDD.

You need to format at the 64K cluster size, if left at the 32K cluster size, the next time that the HDD scans after a power failure, all recordings after the 1GB point will crap out, not recoverable or playable, this would be at about 15 min. 20 on HQ, 30 min. on SP, 45 min. on LP etc.

If ever in the future, by some sheer bad luck, your HDD completely fails and you have no back-up files, do step 2 (without LITEONFAT) and install in your recorder, do a full erase, this will write the LITEONFAT file on the HDD (but only to 160GB) but at least you can backup the system files and then repeat steps 2 and 3 to get the full size of your HDD.

Good luck.