How to repair ipconfig?



Does anyone know how to repair ipconfig in an XP system? I was playing around with a router last week and now the IP is set to that of the router, which isn’t being used any more. When I try to release the IP it just hangs…

C:>ipconfig /release

The cursor just sits there on the next line.

The result of this is that I can’t use the net at home, since everything either can’t be found or can’t connect. Any thoughts?

Edit: I probably shouldn’t have put it in this forum, but I’ve been focused on the router/nic aspect and just found this problem last night since my girlfriend’s become addicted to Neverwinter Nights and won’t let me work on it :wink:


I actually had this same problem about a year ago, but I can’t remember exactly how I fixed it. It seems like I had to go into device manager and remove my router and nic, then go to ipconfig, then reboot. Can’t remember for sure, but it was something along those lines.


Thanks Rob, I’ll give it a shot


its release all and if that don’t work try renew all


A system reboot usually corrects the problem if your system is set to obtain IP automatically.

You may also try to right-click on the connection in My Network Places and select “Repair Connection”.


maybe this will help you