How To Remove Windows Media 10

I need to remove Windows Media 10 because cannot recognize my I/O MAGIC 16X DVDRW. I tried many fixes but nothing works, I think if I install version 9
with plug in from Nero it would be fine but for now I stucked with ver.10 and cannot find the uninstall reference. Note that just removing from Windows components just hides it and not removing completely.


I followed the procedure and it rolled back to the previous ver. 9 but now it’s not working, showing some errors.


its not possible to help without knowing what those errors are,write em or take screenshot and upload to and give link

You can remove window media 10 in the add/remove section of control panel now. Just check that little box at the top that says show updates. Then you will have the option to remove wmp 10 and the windows media runtime. If you rolled back to wmp 9, do what I said and remove the windows media runtime for wmp 10. It doesn’t say it is for 10, but it is.

Why would you want to? It won’t fix your problem. :slight_smile:

Because ver. 10 cannot recognize my burner i/o magic 16x dvdrw and ver 9 can.
I tried to uninstall windows media 10 and windows run time but doesn’t let me.
I guess I stuck with this another bs from Gates.


ahem perhaps I was unclear.

I feel that Windows Media Player ver. 10 can, in fact, recognize your drive, and that the problem is elsewhere. Uninstalling it will be UNLIKELY to resolve your problem… since it uses the SAME drivers that ver. 9 did. I’m suggesting somewhat gently that perhaps you did/installed something ELSE around the same time? (It might even be something else from Microsoft, some update perhaps?)

I am not aware of installing something else, but I am calling microsoft on this
issues since I have 2 free tech support calls. It is very frustrating that something like this would come from this software giant when every other application in the world got no problem to se my recorder. I can play from the CD but not record. Thank you anyway all of you guys if you like I will post what microsoft says on this.