How to remove Windows 10 with once click?



I just received this email and it made me laugh, what do I reply to this person?

I cant take it I do not understand any thing on computers and I hate windows 10 I want to reset to my old windows can you send me a link so I can click it and remove it please



Err…can’t really fulfill that request, but a quick Google search shows instructions:


The first half of what they ask can actually be done quite easily, if you know (or indeed are) the right people. :wink:

Just send them a link to a web page infected with something nasty that will wipe their hard drive. Wait a few minutes and eureka, Windows 10 is gone with just one click. :clap:

Restoring their old version with the same click is trickier, but it’s a start. And difficult problems like this are better tackled one step at a time. :iagree::bigsmile:


You know, there’s nothing to beat the pebcac people when it comes giving you a good laugh.
Why not put up a page at an available address with a big button labled “I hate windows 10 I want to reset to my old windows” and a script counting the number of times the button is clicked, then route the user there… The result will probably be in the hundreds :clap:

Back in 2009, I got a [U]mail[/U] from a customer, and I am keeping it forever as it is one of the best. roughly translated, it is like this

After you were here and fixed our network I can no longer access the internet or send mail. what should I do?

hmm interesting as it was sent from her workstation. For once, I did not have any idea as to a solution to the problem… :disagree:

It turned out to be a missing shortcut to IE on the desktop (a major challenge I may add) :iagree: and a sync-error showing up in Outlook 2007 due to “maestro wannabe hacker” working there who deleted some, according to him, “unnecessary” records from the DNS server :confused:

On a serious note, the user is clearly after Settings[B]->[/B]Update & Security[B]->[/B]Recovery[B]->[/B]Go back to Windows ??.
However, I would be very careful giving any advice as the inability to perform a rollback seems all too clear… and you will have to take the blame for that of course :bigsmile: