How to remove this "Infrared Recipient" from My Computer?

Hi, i need some help please.

I have a thing called “Infrared Recipient” on My Computer and i really dont want it there seen as i dont have any Infrared devices installed on my computer. I remember my friend installed it somehow, drivers for it which were meant to go on his laptop he accidently ran on my PC. Its not in ad/remove programs nor can i right click and remove it from My Computer. Here is what it looks like:

Also, instead of making a new thread, maybe you can help me with this too. My Computer is currently like this:

But i want it to look like it was before, like this (Back into colomns):

Do you know how to fix my problems? Hopefully!

Thanks allot!

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Try to go in control panel --> “Add or remove programs”. If you see something here related with an infrared decive, try to uninstall it.

Do the same in device manager.

Beware: it could also be something related to your mobile phone device. Check if it have an infrared port, bexcause if you uninstall it could not work anymore.

Hope this can help

I have already looked in the Add/remove programs section and have found nothing. Device manager has nothing about infrared ports and i dont have an infrared port. I dont plug my mobile into my PC and i never use anything infrared with my PC.

In the pic you posted there are two mobile devices: a nokia phone and another device (a palm computer maybe).

What do you see right clicking on the “infrared recipient” icon? Try to see if in “properties” there is something that can explain you what is and what software installed it. Maybe it will be removed uninstalling that software.

Also look in services (start-run-services.msc) and disable all I.R.-related services there.

The picture that shows the Nokia and the mobile device is from the laptop which i have downstairs. I have only ever used the laptop for mobiles - never this machine.

When i right click it (there is no properties button) and press open, this is what happens:

Just looked in there and i cannot find anything to do with IR devices or anything like that. I really want to get rid of this damn icon so that My Computer can look normal again lol.

Also, do you know how i can make it so My computer looks how it does on picture 2?