How to remove riplock from A10XL 1.37 firmware?

Hi all, just took delivery of my first ever Pioneer DVD burner today (A10XL model) & need some help on how to remove the riplock speed limitation :slight_smile: . I have already flashed it to The Dangerous Brothers V1.37 RPC1 firmware without any issues & tried MediaCodeSpeedEdit to increase the reading speed but unfortunately this option is blanked out :confused: . Funny enough, when I first installed the drive & tested that it was working Ok with the firmware it came with (V1.22) it didn’t seem to have a reading speed limit?? As I am new to Pioneer & can’t find an obvious solutions in the forum I wonder if anyone has any suggestions on what I should do?

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If it really is a A XX model with fancy front bezel, its retial and you dont need remove any riplock as it dont have one, download the Pioneer quiet drive utilty and if it sees drive its a A XX model you can mess with speeds settings.

I have the A-09

Thanks humeyboy. It is definedtly an A10XL & I had played briefly with the Pioneer QuietDrive utility which seems to make all the adjustments fine but still the reading speed seemed eratic thats why the question. Does the “Performance” or “Standard” (QuietDrive turned off) setting in QuietDrive produce the fastest read speed as the explanations on the selection menu are a bit vague? From the factory it comes set to “quiet” mode off course. In any case, good to hear riplock can be overcome.

There is no riplock, the limitations are from the mediatype and it’s quality.

Link to the real A10XLFW? I must have something else even thought quiet drive is working!

Flashman has them all!!

Got it!