How to remove protection from downloaded song?

i just downloaded a song from a website and it’s was protected now when i go to play it i have todownload a license but i can’t cause it’s been downloaded 10 times already so is there anyway of removing the protection

Mods, please move this to the appropriate forum, such as peer-to-peer forum, or wherever it would be best placed…

Jeez…can you get some punctuation in there, please? Why didn’t you burn it the first time? If you like the song, buy it… I think that’s what you’re asking…but I’m not sure. I don’t think it’s…um…legal to “remove the protection”…hence the word PROTECTION…right??? scratches head

And this is definately NOT the right place for this thread… :cool:

search function anyone? :stuck_out_tongue:

dowwnload [B]Tunebite Platinum[/B], it can remove the protection…videos…musics…