How to Remove Nero



I recieved Nero 9 as a Christmas Gift. I had nero 8 on my computer, however, i did not do the updates regularly and I had problems with the software. My operating system is Windows Vista Home Premium service pack 1. I am having problems removing the software which was previously on my computer. I went to regedit and still it is not all removed. With nero 9 it will not install the new software untill the old software is removed. In the process of installation it says to use the nero general clean tool and download this zip file, which i did and unzipped, however, it was not able to find any nero files.

Unsure where to go from here./ I have emailed support services with nero and still i am no farther ahead.

Can anyone help? :frowning:



First before using Neroclean tool you should use the Nero uninstall portion then use NeroClean tools. That should be the process to follow to prevent leftover registeries blocking your Nero 9 from installing. If the affected computer had 8 on it reinstall 8 on it and then go back and uninstall it then use neroclean tools to cleanup any leftover nero 8 programs. Hopefully that should get rid of Nero 8 and it’s registries.