How to remove left side audio from vob



I have recorded something from VHS to DVD and in the VHS there was some noise in the left side of the audio, so i wante the left side of the audio and copy right side audio to left side, so the audio is fine on both side R/L.

I have vob files on pc at the moment, is there a way i can do something to it or not?


I’m not sure about moving left audio to right, or visa versa, but in order to edit audio, you would have to demux your dvd (vob files). Then you could edit the audio with any good editor, and then you could remux or re-encode the files back into dvd format. I know that the audio editors in most editing softwares are pretty amazing at what they will do. Best way to find out, is to open your editing software, and see if it distinguishes between the left and right sound. I believe that my Vegas Video software does, but I can’t swear to that, as I’m not at home, and can’t bring it up to see.


ok, thanks for help, if there is ayone else who know abt it plss tell me


I really depends on your software.
Video software is generally pretty bad for editing audio, but if you have a mixer function in your software you can use it to turn stereo into mono.
What I do: export the audio into an audio app (there are many out there–some free), edit the audio (in this case, splitting the stereo into two mono tracks) put the audio on both tracks and reimport it to your video app.
Another thing you can try, depending on the noise, is some sort of filter once you have it in an audio app. If it is hiss, you can roll off the treble. Filters have a way of sounding cheesy, but EQ sometimes does the trick, especially for rumble.
If you are using a high end video app, you can filter the sound in place.
Finally, you can rerecord the audio; depending on the type of material, that may not be practical.


but what to use?

pls help me in this, im noob in this


Put some self effort into it, start by reading guides at