How to remove it ALL? :(

Hi all, recently i used Alcohol120% and Safedisk4 to run my game BF2, then my pc was reformatted and the image file was gone. So i made a new image file once the Pc was up and running, started up SD4 and it loads the game, though it quits while loading, back to desktop, and yes my pc is well able to run the game.
I have also tried my best with as many methods possible to delete these kind of programs off of my pc. Once i beleived that all of them were gone i re-installed BF2 and so i thought ok i will use the disk to see if i can run it normally, and guess what, it says it has detected CD/DVD emulation and the game must be restarted.
Does anyone know a way of getting rid of all of these programs so i can just run the bloody game:) … or by any chance a program that could delete these programs off the pc.

Thanks guys i’ll wait for your opinions.

You need to get a program to clean your registry. Some programs don’t uninstall totally and a registry cleaner removes all references to those programs. You can get one here

CCleaneris free and will clean the registry after uninstalling apps.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the help guys, i’ll give it a shot and give you some feedback :wink:

Still no luck, i used CCleaner among a few other swipes, re-installed the game and i have the same error, it just wont go away! :sad:

Do you have any burning software like Nero installed? Make sure you don’t have Nero ImageDrive or any virtual drive software installed.

Ok still no luck, nero is gone for sure, im really unsure how to delete virtual drives, they would be the last thing left then basically thats all that i can get rid of…thanks for the help so far :slight_smile:

You can tell if there are any virtual drives by counting the number of cd-roms it shows in windows device manager. If you see any extras uninstall them there. On the registry program did you tell it to search for specific registry keys. Tell the program to search for “alcohol”, or any name you can think that refers to virtual drive software.