How to remove extra virtual cdrom drives

Hi, I use the Vcdrom to create virtual cdroms but I forgot to delete the drives before I exited the program.
Now I have CD drive W, X, Y which are practically useless now and I can’t seem to delete it. Help! what can I do? I tried going to device manager but I couldn’t find the problem.
Please help :frowning:

What tool did you use…?

I presume you still have VCDrom installed.

Do you still have images mounted on your virtual drives?

Did you create these drives with VCDrom?

Did you read old cases concerning the almost same issue?

Allow me to point you there:

This might help if all else fails.

Long live Alcohol 120… and Deamon too!

[QUOTE=Major Malfunction;2280287]
Long live Alcohol 120… and Deamon too![/QUOTE]

…when properly set up.

[QUOTE=chef;2280296]…when properly set up.[/QUOTE]

I do agree.